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diggin' the kids dummy roping scholarship


"it's fer the kids"...

The Dummy Roping Scholarship was established in 2012 with help and inspiration from the man it is named after, Digger Howard. Digger was a great friend to us all and a proud supporter of the Spicer Gripp Memorial Youth Foundation. He was always about the kids and thought it was time to get behind the little guys who we all enjoy seeing and watching grow. The scholarship is awarded to the top roper in the oldest age division. The money is currently held in an account growing interest at Bar –G Feedyard. The concept behind the scholarship is to let the money grow in each child’s name under the umbrella of the Gripp Foundation. Upon High School graduation a check will be made out to a university, college, or upper level technical trade school of choice.

Sponsorship will receive recognition in accordance with the sponsorship levels established by the Spicer Gripp Memorial Youth Foundation.

Sponsorships for the Dummy Roping Scholarship can be purchased by contacting Carla Purcella at purcella@wtrt.net or by completing the Sponsorship Form.